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Rodent Control


We are professionally trained and fully qualified to control any rodent such as rats, mice, pigeons and insects. We carry out a full
inspection / survey and eliminate all infestations in a professional, safe and humane way.

Rodents Access

Above is just some of the access points that Rodents use to gain access to a building; the smallest hole around the
building can be use by these resilient pests. Broken waste pipes as well as sewer pipes with fractures can be
used to also access the building. Once access is gained the damaged that can be done is widespread.


Insect Control


Our technicians have a wealth of knowledge on insect identification and also carry out treatments to kill and exterminate any
crawling or flying insect that is a pest or a risk to human health.


Our technicians can make any domestic, commercial premises rodent proof. We also provide a service to control insects
within food premises and stores. We also repair any damage caused by rodent infestations.

Drain Testing

We inspect and test drains for defects to ensure no rodents can access your property by using your drainage
system if there is a defective drain.

We can offer repair advice on repairing drains that have any breaks or have collapsed. These problems
can lead to a potential rat infestation and needs to be repaired immediately.


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